The Story IS the Brand
Andre Lewis on Harrod's and his story

Why is the story so crucial to a brand’s success?

Stories, especially true stories, resonate with us immensely. Hence why so many successful films are based on true stories. That is why brands should utilise their true stories to help market and engage the audience they are targeting. It might sound odd, but in the case of food and drink – engaging with a brands story may even make the product taste better.

Take Phil & Viv from Brown Bag Crisps, as an example. Phil, an IT worker and wife Viv, a journalist, quit their jobs 12 years ago because they decided they should wake up every day working hard in something they love. They both shared huge passion for crisps and ate them all the time. So in their home kitchen, they began perfecting recipes into the early hours every night, making something they loved. Despite a crowded market, they got themselves a littler factory and began making delicious crisps, cooked in olive oil. They developed several conventional and unique flavours and now have a really successful business whereby they have 100% recyclable packaging.

When talking to them, they expressed an exuberant passion for what they do. That came out in the words they used. The expressions on their face. Their body language and most of all… in the flavour of their beautiful moreish crisps. Crisps, that we believe, tasted even better because of the emotional and real connection we felt to the people who make them.

The people are brand, therefore the story is the brand.

Why we were at the Speciality Fine Food Fair?

Shakespeare Creative were at the Speciality Fine Food Fair at Olympia in London last week, creating and gathering content for Food FM. We spoke to so many people and businesses and it was a great reminder that aside from good quality products and offerings, its the story behind them that creates an incredible brand.

Food FM are a global digital radio station telling powerful, personal, political and uplifting food stories from around the globe. Shakespeare Creative work with Food FM to gather, edit and distribute much of their content.

The Speciality Fine Food Fair is the UK’s Leading Showcase of Artisanal food and drink. It was incredible to see the passion and enthusiasm bursting out of every unit, bench and stall at the fair.

Despite the adversity faced by everyone over the last few years, especially in the hospitality and food & drink sectors, the attitude and gusto with which all the exhibitors inhibited was amazing and so re-assuring to see.

We talked to them about the people and stories behind the business, what makes them unique and different. We talk about pertinent factors within this industry such as sustainability, cost of living and the impact world events have on supply chains. 

Coming soon, listen to the stories from the fair.

In episode 1 – We talked to Sam from The Popcorn Shed. Steve at Rounton Coffee. Noel from Rockfish. Phil & Viv at Brown Bag Crisps. Nick from High Water. Crystal at Luxwells. Gregorie from Blackthorn Salt and Steve – Director, Chef Consultant and resident of the Taste the Trends Kitchen throughout the 2 days of the fair.

In episode 2 – We talked to Patrick from the Tinned Fish Market. Laura at Cakes from the Lakes. Stephen from Lauden Chocolate. Jack at Whitebox. Jonathan from Hawkshead Relish and Amy from Doughlicious. Also, Shakespeare Creative Director, Simon Alexander sit’s down on the Food for Thought stage with André Lewis, Head of Food Wine and Spirits at Harrods as we take a deep dive into life at one of the most famous and iconic department stores in the world.

For more content and stories from the world of food, visit Food FM now.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line now, and we can help you tell your business’s story in the most effective way possible.

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