We believe authentic storytelling is the best way to connect with your audience – on any platform. It’s stories that connect us, that make us think and feel. Here are the ways in which we can communicate your stories to market your brand or show.


Radio is the best friend that has never grown old. The perfect medium that accompanies people during their day. 75% of all audio listening comes from live radio.

We create radio shows and radio ads that connect with the audience you target, across the stations they’re listening too. From Capital, Heart & Radio X, to Classic, Greatest Hits and Absolute.

Simon Alexander, Director at Shakespeare Creative, is a judge at the ARIAS, the Radio Academy Awards and a member of the prestigious Radio Academy 30 under 30 Class of 2017.


We love podcasts. Podcasts are to Radio what Netflix and iPlayer are to TV – on-demand radio, generally with no music, all speech.

Podcasts have revolutionised radio listening and have also been able to provide storytellers a platform to make shows as niche as they like, safe in the knowledge that those who love what they’re talking about, will seek them out – and listen whenever it suits them.

We produce, edit and release podcasts across all platforms. From Apple Podcasts/iTunes to Spotify and many more. We can help you design your podcast from the bottom up. From conception and recording through to delivery

Weekly podcast listeners, consume over 6.7 hours of audio each week!

The podcasts we’ve made have amassed over 400,000 downloads across 80 countries.


Video captures peoples imagination. One of the most multi-sensory ways of storytelling that captivates an audience. Whether it’s a live action ad that can show off your product or an explainer animation – we can create a visual story that connects to those you are targeting.


Newsletters/Articles and SEO

Storytelling’s most traditional form – in writing. It goes without saying that the art of writing (whether through articles, novels, newsletters or even social media posts) is the still one of the most powerful ways of storytelling.

Newsletters earn an open rate of 22%. That means a quarter of your email audience will see your content, which is much higher than most social media posts.

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is a big one, when it come to your website’s visibility. It’s how you communicate with Google and other search engines to prove that you are relevant and helpful for users who are searching online.

We can craft written pieces that will connect you to your audience, boost your SEO optimisation and market your brand.

Public Speaking


The art of storytelling is fascinating. Whilst all approaches to marketing are subjective, authentic storytelling has a deep rooted connection to science and human behaviour.

We have designed a model which will help educate and inform your team/company in order to grow your business and help make your audience connect better with you.

We can provide anything from a days training on storytelling within your marketing strategy, to coaching employees on presentation and storytelling techniques.