4 tips for making a radio commercial
radio commercial

How to make your radio commercial stand out.

It’s hard to make your radio commercial cut through, during a crowded 3 minute ad-break. Does the perfect radio ad exist? Possibly not. But by following these 4 steps, you’ll go a long way to creating a radio commercial that catches the ear of the audience you are targeting.

  1. Start with the WHY. Ever seen Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Ted Talk? (If not, check it out here). In the opening of  your radio commercial, begin with why your business/event/entity exists. People invest in why people do what they do. So instead of saying, for example, “we manufacture and sell cars,” say “we believe in the sheer pleasure of driving.” – thanks BMW, and well done.
  2. Hit those senses. It’s obvious, when you think about, but this an audio medium. No visuals is a challenge, so you if you can utilise descriptive language that involves the senses, it naturally hits on those natural human responses we have. The sites, the smells, the tastes, the sounds – find a way to get those into your radio commercial.
  3. Avoid a tight squeeze. The average radio commercial is 30 seconds long. Some are 20, 40 or even 1 minute. Regardless, try and avoid cramming words in. If the content and message you are conveying to your audience you need it to land. To land properly, the content needs to breathe and not be sped up or confusing. Cliche alert – less is more.
  4. Don’t forget the call to action. A marketing staple, not to be forgotten. But also, less is more. No need for a telephone number + website + social handles etc. Let the content breathe and then deliver a short, sharp “CTA.” Remember, nowadays people will just google your business/event/entity if they like/care or are interested in what you have to offer. So what not just say, “Search *insert business name* for more.”

How Shakespeare Creative can creative effect radio commercials for you.

If you’ve not considered radio advertising before, or are looking for a change in direction when it comes to the creative within your advertising campaign. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line now, and we will be in contact to help you tell stories that connect with the audience you are targeting.

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