The Nightcap is back for Series 4
The Nightcap Podcast first guest of Series 4: Glynn Purnell

We are delighted to be creating The Nightcap Series 4. The first series under the ownership of Shakespeare Creative. Once again, it’s sponsored by Gusbourne – elite level English wine makers.

This podcast has made waves in the industry and has become a big hit. It reached Number 2 in the UK iTunes Food Chart, through Apple Podcasts.

What The Nightcap Podcast is all about

The Nightcap is all about “Life behind the Michelin Star” – a late night lock-in where the best chefs in the country candidly discuss and debate all things culinary over a few drinks.

Each podcast guest comes to Salt for dinner. After dinner, they make their way up the wooden stairs to join Simon Alexander (award winning podcaster, producer and Director at Shakespeare Creative) and Paul Foster (Michelin Starred Head Chef) for a “nightcap” at Salt.

Salt is a 10 table Michelin Star restaurant in the centre of Stratford Upon Avon.

Why it was created

The Nightcap tells the truth about life in the best kitchens in the country and the elite level chefs that run them. Unfiltered, barely edited, authentic conversations that represents the industry and everyone who works in it. Having the chance to talk to chefs of this calibre, in such an intimate way, does not happen anywhere else.

In the podcast world, there are a lot of “foodie”ones. The Nightcap Podcast is honest, authentic and interesting. As a result, it stands out. We’ve captured the REAL opinions & experiences of chefs. We’ve stripped away the egos and we are getting to the person behind the chef.

Paul Foster decided that Stratford-upon-avon would be the perfect place to open up his kick-starter restaurant and within 18 months, he earned a Michelin Star. Local podcaster, and daytime-cooking show contestant, Simon Alexander (along with his wife, Hayley – media and marketing strategist) gave birth to the idea of setting up microphones upstairs at Salt to interview star chefs from the UK. Consequently, Paul jumped at the chance to make this happen. As a podcast fan, he was craving a podcast of its kind.

The Nightcap Podcast has received over 200,000 downloads to date and is now in 91 countries round the world. 

Average rating on iTunes: 4.9/5.

Here’s what the listener’s have said:

“If podcasts could earn a Michelin star, this would have one.”

“This is a genuinely laugh out loud funny podcasts. Some great guests with some great stories from “behind the scenes” which are a real eye opener about the cheffing world!”

“Truly fascinating look at the world of the high performing restaurants and the chefs at their helm. Funny, enlightening, engaging with hilarious regular sections around TripAdvisor. A super way to spend an hour behind the kitchen door of some of the best know restaurants in the country – keeping it going chaps!”

“So relaxed and enjoyable chat and such varied topics covered. Keep up the good work.”

Glynn Purnell is the first guest in Series 4. Brummie legend, Michelin starred chef and Great British Menu Winner and Judge. You can download The Nightcap now, for free wherever you get your podcasts! Or, you can listen here.

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