ARIAS 2022 Nominees Announced
ARIAS Nominees Announced

The Radio Academy have announced the nominees for this years prestigious ARIAS – the pinnacle of radio and podcasting excellence in the UK. You can see them here!

It was an absolute pleasure to be helping judge the ARIAS again this year. It never fails to amaze just how much incredible audio is being created across the UK, from likely and un-likely sources.

The Judging Process

The Radio Academy have integrated more commercial and non-BBC entities again, by the looks of this years crop of finalists. A really encouraging sign. 

The process of judging the ARIAS is fascinating. Even thought the rhetoric and criteria for each category are robust, there is still allowance for subjectivity within the mind of the person judging them. As a result, there’s a good balance of scores that come in from all the judges.

The calibre of fellow judges is incredible. Subsequently, it’s healthy to hear debating in the judges room, not only between who finishes 1st or 2nd, but who finishes 3rd or 4th or 6th and 7th (7th missing the cut, and therefore the chance to attend the illustrious ball in London, as a nominee).

Shakespeare Creative is all about storytelling. these awards demonstrate storytelling at its finest. Sounds simple, but you can’t rely on the visual when it comes to the medium of podcasting and radio, because of the obvious reason – there are none. Therefore, the painting of pictures, the wondrousness of words and the voluptuousness of vocabulary is vital. We love it.

Good luck to all the nominees. We eagerly await the results in May!

Radio is still relevant and has great cut-through

Radio is the best friend that has never grown old. It’s the perfect medium, because it accompanies people during their day. 75% of all audio listening comes from live radio.

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