Storytelling in Sport
Storytelling in Sport

Why do they go hand in hand?

Storytelling is the secret to the success of sport. It’s different than storytelling in music, film, tv and radio because in sport… not even the people performing know the outcome.

Authentic storytelling connects us. We love stories because they resonate, empathise and make us “feel.” When we watch sport, we put ourselves in the minds of the sportsperson we are watching. We feel their nerves, their strife, their painful losses and glorious exhilarating highs. The added anticipation of not knowing the outcome of the event in question, heightens all of these feelings even more.

Take horse-racing for example. We are given a list of jockeys, trainers and horses along with their associated colours, numbers and odds. To which, we make a guess at who we think will win. Whilst some will be more confident than others, not even the jockey’s on top of those horses know what is about to happen. The favourite may romp to victory at a canter, or fall at the first after an error in judgement.

It’s the beauty of the unpredictability and “real-life” drama, that makes the event so compelling. We all know that films “based on a true story” have a higher impact on us as a viewer. Why else would they put that on the poster? It makes us want to watch it more.

We are obsessed with sport because it’s real life, real-time, drama – based on a true story.

How creative marketing uses storytelling in sport

Shakespeare Creative have created over 20 radio commercials for The Jockey Club in 2022. Our philosophy is to simply put the authentic story of the event at the forefront.

We talk about why the sport exists. Why we care. Why it’s so exciting, beautiful and dramatic.

30 secs is not a lot of time (the average length of a radio commercial). So, you create a picture of what it’s like to be stood watching the horses sore round some of the most incredible racecourses in the country. Through words, music, sound effects and the perfect voiceover.

If you’ve not considered radio advertising before, or are looking for a change in direction when it comes to the creative within your advertising campaign. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line now, and we will be in contact to help you tell stories that connect with the audience you are targeting.

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